September Newsletter

With so much damp and drizzly weather recently it’s hard to believe that we are still in the summer season. The school term starts shortly so life for many returns to a more normal routine. Hopefully this will give some of you more time to visit the HUB where the many delights on offer plus the companionship and the warm welcome, are all in plentiful supply!

Here are a few things we would like to highlight this month:

Ken Leslie’s 2018 calendar.
Like last year there will be an order sheet in the HUB during September and we anticipate the calendar itself being available later in the month. There will be plenty available but supplies are not unlimited so it is as well to put your order in without delay to avoid any disappointment. Samples of the photographs that Ken is using for the 2018 calendar will be on display in the HUB so you can see in advance what you would be buying.

BBC’s Farming Today programme
Jackie Lowe, the United Reform Church’s representative on the HUB’s management committee, arranged for Emily Hughes, a journalist working on the Farming Today programme, to visit the HUB on Tuesday 22nd August. The programme is doing a special feature on how rural churches have adapted the use of their space to serve the wider community including of course farmers. During the course of the day Emily interviewed Jackie, Will Hillary, our chairman, and Ellen plus a number of customers and volunteers. The recording ended with the singing of a hymn; the choir on this occasion consisted mainly of the Knit and Natter group who were meeting in the HUB that day and who without warning, were in fine voice! By all accounts Emily was very impressed with what she saw and heard and left a very supportive message in the Visitor’s Book. The HUB and its close connection with the URC, will be featured in a Farming Today programme on BBC Radio 4 one morning of the week commencing 28th August. As you may know, Farming Today starts at 5.45 on weekday mornings and at 6.30 on Saturdays. If you are not up at this early hour, fear not as there will be a link to the programme posted on the website so you can listen at your leisure. This was quite a coup for the HUB particularly as on average, around one million people listen to the Farming Today programme each morning. Well done Jackie for spotting the opportunity and thanks to all those who contributed on the day.

Thanks to all those who responded to Ellen’s recent communication with you all. In order to plan for the future she needed to gauge the level of commitment from volunteers to either work in the shop on a regular or occasional basis. She was very heartened to find that there remains tremendous support and commitment from volunteers generally. If anything those who work on an occasional basis is where we sometimes fall a bit short of volunteers so if anyone could spare an hour or two to help it would be enormously appreciated. We of course recognise that everyone has busy lives but it is worth reminding ourselves what a popular local facility the HUB has proved to be but that it could not function without the help of our brilliant volunteers.

The Five Valley Cordial
These are selling well and in case you didn’t already know there are four flavours to chose from: peach and lychee; pomegranate and rose; sloe and raspberry and lemon and mint, all available at the bargain price of £2.50 per bottle (Waitrose charge £3.25). We have plentiful supplies for the moment but once they are gone the special price we are able to offer will no longer apply as they are shortly relaunching under a new brand name and no doubt a new price.

Apple crumble is back on the menu!
Now that the English strawberry season is nearly over, Jenny Truluck’s Apple Crumble is available again in the Coffee Shop and already proving as popular as it was before. Surely at £3.50 to include cream, it must be a (delicious) bargain!

Utter Nutta extra crunch peanut butter
This has been available on our shelves since we first opened but we thought it was worth highlighting this month particularly as it’s made by Katie Sargent who lives locally in Bishopstone. Apparently it is now selling nationally so we have once again helped a local business to expand.
As Katie writes on the bottle:
Utta Nutta was inspired by a delicious, palm oil free, peanut butter recipe I created in my kitchen. Every batch is freshly made in small quantities, achieving its unique & nutty flavour by taking the oven roasted peanuts to their ultimate high, then milling whist still warm.
Resist that if you can!

The new HUB website
Thanks to all those who made useful contributions telling us what they felt should be included. We are now in the process of finalising the brief which will be put out to two website design firms who have been recommended to us. All being well we are aiming to have the new website up and running by the end of the year. There is still plenty of time to put forward ideas so please have a word with Ellen or email Andrew Boys at who is overseeing the project.

And finally a couple of notices:

The Post Office will be closed on Friday 8th September due to holidays.

Ellen is taking a well-deserved holiday and will be away from 26th August until 5th September.

A quote from the Visitors Book
“Well, what a friendly cafe and shop with delicious drinks and excellent bread among other delights”.