March Newsletter


Many thanks to the hundred or so people who took the time to complete our Customer Survey. And special thanks to Roger Boon, a retail marketing specialist who moved to Broad Chalke last year, for volunteering to analyse all the completed surveys and to prepare a detailed report for the Management Committee.
The good news is that the overwhelming majority of those who completed the survey were extremely positive towards the Hub and seem to have a warm affection for its staff and the contribution which they make to the local community.
A number of constructive comments and suggestions were made as to how the Hub might improve the service it provides. These are currently being considered by Ellen and her team, and by the Management Committee. Any significant changes resulting from this will be reported in future newsletters.
Will Hillary, Chairman of Management Committee


This Annual Members’ Meeting will be held at Broad Chalke Village Hall. Refreshments will be served, so do come along – volunteers, customers, members of the community. This is your chance to hear about how the Hub has been faring, our plans, and to ask questions and give your feedback.


Michael Roe is standing down as the Hub’s Secretary and so the search for someone to take over the role is underway.
The Secretary is appointed by the Management Committee, not elected, although can be a member of it.
Duties include the administration of the Management Committee, some formal company obligations towards the Financial Services Authority, maintaining the Rules of the Society and assisting the other Society Officeholders.
Whilst a knowledge of company procedures and law may be helpful, it is certainly not essential not least because of the depth of professional and commercial experience existing within the Management Committee.
Help is always on hand from those colleagues and Michael is happy to mentor his successor, until he or she is established in the role. Please contact Michael, Will Hillary, or any other member of the Management Committee if you are interested.
We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Michael for all his hard work over the last five years and ensuring that everything has run so smoothly.


If anyone with Public Relations or social media experience would like to undertake this role, which involves communicating news about the shop via social media and this monthly newsletter, then please get in touch with Will Hillary or Annabel Walters ( It’s a great opportunity to put your toes back in the water if you’ve taken a break from work for a few years, or just want to contribute something to the community.


The Hub is always interested in new projects and ways of bringing people together and as part of this we will shortly start a book swap and borrow scheme. We have had a wonderful collection of books donated to us by Penelope and Michael Millburn. They belonged to Penelope’s late sister, Jessica de Lannoy and Penelope says she would have been thrilled to know they were going to form the basis of a lending/ swapping scheme in the Hub:
‘When she was a little girl, Jessica made a lending library out of all the family books, so, to this day, many of the much-thumbed books of childhood have her home-made library pouches for tickets inside their front covers, as well as the stern instruction, in her eight-year-old script, to “Please return to Jessica Home” regardless of which member of the family they actually belonged to. These books were indisputably hers, collected and enjoyed by her from the mid-1980s, when she first went to live in Brussels, until her death here in Alvediston in 2015. They are not precious volumes, but all very readable and reflecting the interests of a vivid personality. Enjoy!’

Many thanks to Penelope and Michael for this kind donation and fantastic idea.


A post has become vacant for a young person, aged 16 or over, to work at the Hub every other Saturday from 11am-5pm. This is a paid position and a great opportunity to gain work experience. Please contact Ellen: