Linda Walton

May 16th should have been my daughter’s wedding day.  Due to an horrific road accident on March 3rd, her father was nearly killed.  Thankfully after many weeks in ITU he survived but with life changing injuries.  This meant that my daughter and her fiancé came to us before lockdown and have been with us ever since, together with her brother who flew back from Peru where he works for Amnesty International.

We marked what should have been her wedding day by retrieving my 35 year old wedding dress from the attic.  Hand made by my mother all those years ago.  A few pins later and she was able to wear.  We bought her a bunch of flowers from Pod & Pip to cheer them up and this was then used as a bouquet!  We decided it was best to celebrate the day and the ‘photos we took will be a memory of the COVID pandemic.

In the picture Dr Justine Alford, Dr Ezra Feilden and Inca!

Laura Webster 1

With a 4 month old and all baby classes cancelled, we’ve had to embrace any new sources of entertainment we can find – singing along to Port Side Pirates is a new favourite!

Laura Webster 2

Daily walks have kept the family sane so we’re extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful place with wonderful views all round.

Laura Webster 3

Small daily treats (including gin!) have helped!

George Hallett 1

The walks, runs and astrological events of lockdown.

George Hallett 2
George Hallett 3
Imogen Hallett (age 11) 1

I took these pictures on long walks with my family. 1. Is the result of a creative experiment. 

Imogen Hallett (age 11) 2

2. Shows a beautiful sunset through the trees which surrounded a footpath.   

Imogen Hallett (age 11) 3

3. Depicts the spring blossom on trees which lined the river Ebble.  

Nigel & Nicki Tinkler 1

1,Lockdown and beyond, the new normal is the routine for dealing with deliveries or when returning home. Sanitising everything and everyone entering the home.

Nigel & Nicki Tinkler 2

2.Lockdown memory sunny days practicing golf in the garden because the golf club is closed.

Nicki Tinkler

3. The Broad Chalke branch of the Bowerchalke and Broad Chalke COVID Support Network office

Tony Patel
  1. Fine example of Diversity and Inclusion . The Hub strategy were not only reactionary but the new challenges and problems had to be implemented immediately. History has taught us that the impact during Crisis , that we not only come together and brace ourselves for the inevitable social and economic events but we diversify and adapt to the new demands and difficulties. The whole working dynamic can be seen in this picture and will stay with us for a long time in all our memories.