June Newsletter


June 3rd 2017 marks the fourth anniversary of the opening of the Chalke Valley Stores, another significant milestone in its continuing success. As each year passes this is an appropriate moment to record our thanks to those who worked so hard at the outset to put the project together and of course now to Ellen, Judith, Sarah and Sharon and all the volunteers who have contributed so much to make the HUB the place it is today. Behind the scenes it is a complex and demanding business to run and it is a credit to all those involved that, for customers, there always seems such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Huge congratulations and thanks to you all.

A few things to highlight this month:

Father’s Day – Sunday 18th June
In advance of this date there will be a special display of suitable cards and gifts particularly, but not exclusively, for children to show their appreciation for all the things that their fathers do for them.

The Chalke Valley History Festival
This starts on Monday 26th June and in its new location, it is obviously going to be a big local event with an increase in visitors to the Store and the Coffee Shop. Ellen will be stocking up accordingly. Despite this most welcome additional business from those visiting from outside the area, she is keen to emphasise that normal service for locals will be always be a priority!

Meet-Your-Supplier Day on Friday 16th June

Yummy Days, run by Andrea Escherhaus will be showcasing some of her products such as: watercress and tomato pesto as well as her delicious granola (including a gluten-free version). Andrea is very particular about her ingredients all of which are organically grown and locally produced whenever possible.

 Valley Coffee Morning
Ellen is keen to revitalise this event which takes place on the first Thursday of each month between 10.00am and 12.00. The next one therefore will be held on Thursday 1st June.  So, why not pop in and take advantage of the special offer on all hot drinks at £1.00 – a bargain if ever there was one! Better still bring a neighbour or someone less inclined to go out alone and who would value a change of scene and a chance to meet or reconnect with other locals. This is a wonderful way for the HUB to fulfil its purpose of providing a community centre and was designed with just this sort of social occasion in mind.

Duke of Edinburgh Award
Another wonderful way in which the HUB is being used is to provide an opportunity for young people to complete the volunteering section of their DoE award programme. Look out for Megan Wilson (14) who is currently working towards her Bronze Award and for Fizz White who is looking to achieve her Silver Award.  Well done to both of them and thanks for all your hard work!

Best sellers in May
Semi-skimmed milk, Local eggs and Croissants.