Community Oil Buying Group

ChalkeValleyStores / Hub uses oil for it’s heating. Like everyone in the area we like to get a keen price for our oil and, with the help of our Facilities Manager Chris Rothwell, we have teamed up with to buy our oil and create a community buying group at the same time.

fmho-logoScheme Details

Chris Cole, who runs the Find My Heating Oil group from Devizes, aggregates oil orders from the group (there are 450 members)  every two weeks.

Using the high aggregated volume and allowing suppliers the ability to schedule several deliveries per load, Chris gets the best price per litre from a group of oil suppliers.

Customers place and pay for oil orders directly the winning supplier and are given a delivery window.

Scheme Costs

There is an annual subscription cost per group member of £15 plus the cost of your oil orders.

Community Benefits

For every new member signing up (don’t forget to mention Chalke Valley Stores / Hub) we receive £2.50 and for every litre of oil purchased we receive a commission of 1/2p. These sums to be put toward community based projects.

Worked Example

The web master Martin Altham put the scheme to the test: in late January 2015 for an initial order of 1500 litres and a subsequent order in early December 2015 for 1000 litres:

Find My Heating Oil Internet (+)
Jan 15 Dec 15 Jan 15 Dec 15
ppl (£) 0.417 0.307 0.446 0.319
cost of oil 1500l / 1000l inc VAT £625.50 £307.13 £669 £319.30
joining fee (*) £15 £0
total cost £640.50 £307.13 £669 £319.30
saving (*) £28.50 £12.17
total saving over year £40.67 (about 4% saving)

(*) If a further order is required within the year, then there is no additional £15 subscription

(+) Compared to my previous internet based buying group’s best quote on the same day

A community benefit of £2.50 + £7.50 = £10 will be paid to Chalke Valley Stores as a result of my joining and first order. £5 for the second order.

I’m interested and want to know more

Go to and make contact either by phone or using the online “contact” form.

Don’t forget to mention Chalke Valley Stores / Hub  so we can secure the community benefit.