Fresh Fish – Online Order Form


fish-graphicThanks to a new collaboration you can now place orders for fresh fish at Chalke Valley Stores.


  • you can download the Microsoft Word version of the  Fish Order Form
    • save it on your PC, then fill in the required info (name, date, phone number and your order)  then email it back to the shop at
  • or if Microsoft Word isn’t for your system, you can download the PDF version of the Fish Order Form print and either scan & email to the shop or just drop a copy in
  • Or phone in your order on 01722 780 998
  • Go traditional and just drop in at the shop and order at the counter

The range is quite comprehensive:

Product Pack Size Retail Price Units wanted
Sea Bass 250g £6.38
Sea Bream 250g £6.38
Cod 250g £6.65
Plaice 250g £3.96
Haddock 250g £4.61
Haddock smoked 250g £5.78
John Dory 250g £5.37
Hake 250g £5.09
Kippers 250g £7.91
Lemon Sole 250g £4.61
Lobster Cooked 500-600g £21.45
Mackerel 250g £4.61
Mussels 250g £5.73
Monk fish 250g £8.89
Pollock 250g £6.65
Pie Mix ‘white’ 400g £6.67
Pie Mix ‘white & salmon’ 400g £6.82
Salmon 250g £5.85
Salmon 500g £10.85
Smoked Mackerel 250g £6.30
Sardines 250g £4.61
Scallops 250g £11.25
Squid 250g £9.60
Trout 250g £4.99