August Newsletter

A few rather interesting developments have occurred in the past few weeks amongst our group of volunteers. Firstly, three youngsters have stepped forward to help from time to time during their summer holidays AND separately three grannies have been accompanied by their grandchildren who were keen to help AND one of our regular volunteers recently turned 90! How splendid to see the younger generation beginning to follow the example set by the older volunteers. Congratulations and thanks to you all.

We have welcomed quite a number of bikers and walkers recently and expect many more to come during the rest of the summer holidays. Increasingly these group are planning their activities to include a return visit to the HUB which reflects well on the quality of the welcome and the refreshments they receive when they drop in.

News of the HUB has spread around the world and in the last month we have had visitors from as far afield as Australia, Denmark, California and from Ghent in Belgium which Ellen was particularly pleased about as this is her home City! OLIVE’S KITCHEN READY -MADE MEAL PRODUCTS As you know we recently introduced these healthy ready- made meals. They have proved popular and the feedback from those who have tried them, has been very positive so Ellen has decided to increase the range available to include their fish, and steak and ale pies.

It may not be widely known that we stock a range of My Trusty Skin Care products ( These have been developed by The Salisbury District NHS Hospital and the shop was one of the very first places to stock and sell them. Apparently they are now going to be marketed more widely and the word is that the prices will be coming down – a rare event these days! My Trusty products have always sold well at the shop and as a reminder there is also a gift box available which makes a nice present. A SPECIAL VISITOR On Wednesday 19th July we were delighted to welcome Lord Gardiner of Kimble who, as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Rural Affairs, was keen to see the HUB in action. He was accompanied by a director of AONB having earlier in the day addressed a group of local farmers. He was very supportive about the concept of the HUB where he took the opportunity to talk to a number of our volunteers as well as to some of our customers. Such was his enthusiasm that he bought two bottles of beer and even though he had had lunch locally at Stoke Farm, he couldn’t resist Jean’s sales skills who persuaded him to buy one of the coffee shop’s flapjacks which he consumed on the spot! He said he was:” fully aware of all the benefits that a facility like this brings to the local community, especially the lonely”.

It is a while since we launched our first website and it is now felt that the time is right to look at it again. We would be most grateful if you could help us with this project by telling us what you would most like to see included in the new website. There will be a simple form headed website suggestions at the counter of the shop and on the coffee shop tables for a few weeks so if you could spare a moment to make your suggestions that would be much appreciated. Our aim is to make it as informative as possible, simple to use and fully representative of the community it serves.

Please note that the Post Office will be closed on Friday 18th August.




“Such friendly staff and lovely homemade cakes”