April Newsletter


This was held on Thursday 16th March in the village hall. It was very well attended, with delicious refreshments on offer. Will Hillary, the Hub chairman, Michael Roe, the Secretary, and Henry Flint, the Treasurer all gave presentations.

John Lace was re-elected to the Management Committee and has kindly agreed to continue in his HR role. Andrew Boys, from Alvediston, was elected to the Management Committee and has kindly agreed to take on the PR and marketing following the retirement of Annabel Walters from the committee. Andrew brings a wealth of PR experience to the role.

Both the shop and coffee shop are doing extremely well, thanks to the support given by our customers and to the growing army of wonderful volunteers without whom we could not survive, never mind thrive. A huge thank you to you all. And if anyone else can spare a few hours a week – it doesn’t have to be every week – please do get in touch as we still need more helpers, especially in the coffee shop.


We have had a fresh delivery of EBBESBOURNE HERD meat including steaks. It’s local, it’s organic, it’s delicious.


FJORDLING SMOKEHOUSES www.fjordling.co.uk are coming to the coffee shop for a taster session on Friday 7th April from about 10am. They do cold and hot smoked trout, smoked chicken breast and duck, trout and salmon pate. Perfect for starters, light lunches or any occasion.

One of our young workers, Sebastian Body, is leaving to continue his studies. He has been a huge asset to the Hub so a big thank you and good wishes to him. And a big welcome to Ben Barrett who is replacing him.

Our promotions are back so keep an eye out for brilliant deals that compete with supermarket prices.


Finally, we have recently become a ‘Safe Place’. This is an initiative set up by Wiltshire council to encourage vulnerable people to get out, by identifying places where they and their carers can go in the knowledge that if something was to happen, we are here to help. To find out more: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/community-safety-safe-places