Now FULLY Open: The shop, post office & coffee shop are now all fully open with regular opening times as shown above. We are very pleased to be fully open again as covid restrictions have eased.

Thank goodness for our village shop. By Hilary Brown, Coffee Shop Volunteer.

My nephew phoned at 9am one Saturday morning. He asked if they could come & spend the day with me. “Absolutely” I said, then I began to ponder, what shall I give 2 adults and 3 growing boys to eat for lunch at short notice?

Luckily my answer lay 5 minutes down the road at the shop. Crusty bread, ham, feta cheese, Lavender Blue stilton and red onion quiche, salads followed by fruit, ice cream and meringues. Plus a Lavender Blue orange and almond cake for tea. Every last crumb was consumed.

Thank goodness for the shop. My alternative would have been to hotfoot it to Salisbury, I might have made it back by tea time!

Thank you to Hilary for letting us know how much she values the local services at The Hub. Following on from her comments we thought we’d ask her a few questions about volunteering at The Hub. Hilary has been volunteering at the hub since 2013.

Why do you volunteer at The Hub?

I like to meet different people from the local area, and further afield, we do get visitors from lots of interesting places!

I am retired and doing shifts at The Hub also gives me a sense of purpose and structures my weeks. I also love working with the other volunteers and paid staff, there is a great sense of comradeship.

I also value the local service provided by The Hub and want to see a shop stay in the community, so I like to play my part.

Volunteering at the hub

We are on the lookout for more volunteers to join the friendly team at The Hub. Please come and talk to Tony if you could volunteer a few hours.

We would also like to thank all our current volunteers for all they do to help in keeping the Hub running.