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As part of our Mission Statement we promise to regularly keep in touch with the
community to check we’re doing the right things for you. With that in mind we
kindly ask you to complete one of our surveys.
We are working with many of the valley’s newsletters to drop one through your
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survey at the shop or by heading to where you can
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Your feedback will help to shape the future of the shop, ensuring we are
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New ranges in stock:
New ranges of fine foods and wines available in store, which include :
● Tony’s ethical, slavery free Belgian Chocolates and Easter Eggs
● Dorset Salt Company Salt range from Chesil Beach Dorset
● Full Range of Nonya Secrets Sauces – Asian Cooking sauces with individual recipes
● Full range of Azada Olive Oils from Spain and Italy
● Quality biscuits and condiments to go with Cheese and Wine
● SESI Refill Range: a full, ECO Friendly, range of cleaning products

Volunteering at The Hub is an enjoyable way to meet people and feel a part of a group that
makes a real difference to people of the Chalke Valley. If you would like to do something
rewarding, and be part of a successful community project, why not consider joining the team of
Volunteers just like Kate…

TV chefs can be inspiring.
Following a pre-Christmas cookery series by a TV ‘chef’, I was given the accompanying recipe
book in my stocking. You probably know the ‘chef’ I mean, the one who with her sensuous
language and sidelong glances, attracts the male of the species with only a passing interest in
cooking to watch. Anyway, she along with others makes everything look so easy…
Eager with anticipation, before I left The Hub one evening, I purchased the extensive list of
ingredients I needed for one of her recipes. This was going to be the supper to end all suppers
I thought. The recipe was followed to the letter. Supper smelled divine; we were starving –
Pavlov’s dogs had nothing on us. In went the fork and oh my word…! One of us thought it was
unpleasant, the other thought it was disgusting. So much for that then…
I am very fortunate in my work at The Hub, I do quite a bit of ordering and sourcing of new
products from our local suppliers, which I enjoy. You really need to pop into the shop on a
regular basis because we have so many new lines, and such exceptional quality food it
shouldn’t be missed. Look in the new section in the Coffee Shop, particularly as Easter
approaches. Anyway, recently I ordered some interesting new stock from G S Foods. Amongst
other things there were some jars of Nonya curry mix – three different mixes to be precise.
When Simon, the supplier, brought them in one Wednesday afternoon, he picked one up as we
checked everything and said,
“These make the most delicious quick supper. All you need is some chicken, a jar of this and a
tin of coconut milk.”
My ears pricked up. It had been a long day and frankly there wasn’t anything in the fridge at
“Well, I know what we’re having tonight then.” I replied.
And he wasn’t joking. All you have to do is brown some pieces of chicken, add the Nonya curry
mix (and on this occasion we had spicy peanut), and then throw in a tin of coconut milk. It
takes about 10 minutes, and it is absolutely sensational. I cannot recommend it more highly. I
intend to work my way through these and try them all. As I write this, I am looking at a jar of
Nonya sambal mix, which I have in mind for tomorrow night. Incidentally, there are recipe
suggestions which also sound delicious and simple under the paper lid.
So, eat your heart out Nigella. Oops, I wasn’t going to mention any names…
Kate Woolven
Hub Team Leader

Thank you to our Volunteers
Our band of over 70 volunteers are essential to the smooth running of the Hub enabling us to
keep our prices very competitive and really enhance the Hub’s ‘community’ connection.
If you’d like to volunteer please speak to Tony at The Hub.