Shop: Open weekdays 9.00am – 4pm (until 2pm on Saturdays).

NB we will closed on Friday 8th May – VE Day Bank Holiday

Coffee Shop: closed until further notice

Post Office: Open Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9.00 to 10.00

A Message from Derek Brown, the HUB’s  the new chairman

As Members and customers of the HUB, many of you will be aware that due to the Government Lockdown, the Annual Members Meeting, scheduled for 24 March, had to be cancelled. Unfortunately this meant that there could be no proper vote for new Committee members to replace retiring members, chairman Will Hillary, John Lace and Andrew Boys. Thus, myself, Katie Whitmore, and Nigel Tinkler (our new Facilities Manager), who were put forward as replacements, were considered elected, as there was only one candidate for each post. More unfortunately, it also meant that those retiring could not be properly thanked for their service to the HUB, which the Committee will certainly rectify with proper tributes to them, when we are permitted to do so, by calling a Members’ meeting in the future.

In the meantime, on behalf of everyone, Members, staff, volunteers and customers, as your new chairman, I would like to thank them most gratefully for giving so generously of their time, their business experience and their dedication to ensure that what was started so successfully as a Community Enterprise continues and grows in its service to our Villages.

The last few weeks have been a difficult time for us all, but the Stores has continued in its vocation to serve the Community. This would not have been possible without the professionalism and experience of Tony Patel, who has worked tirelessly, and with great good humor, to ensure that supplies are sourced, stocks are maintained, safety procedures were changed and above all, for setting up a Home Delivery system in just a few days. He deserves our gratitude and thanks beyond measure.

I would like to add Linda Walton to this tribute, as she, as Treasurer, has worked endlessly to ensure that all of the new back office functions required were in place; that employed staff are correctly managed, and for organising the volunteer delivery teams.

But none of this could have happened without the Volunteers and the permanent staff members, and we are so grateful to the many who answered the call for additional help. It has made so much of what is currently being done possible.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you, our customers, for your understanding, forbearance in accepting the social distancing procedures, and above all for continuing to support the Stores.


A message from Tony Patel the Chalke Valley HUB manager.

We are doing everything possible to keep the shop fully stocked and staffed. So far things are working well and this is thanks to the heroic efforts of both our suppliers and of course our wonderful staff and volunteers who have generously stepped forward to help. I am hugely grateful to them all.



Here is what you do to arrange a delivery.

With your order and contact details at the ready:

Ring the HUB shop on 01722-780998. You are likely to speak to one of our team leaders but anyone on duty at the shop can take your order.


Email us with your order at:

We will then prepare your order and ring you when it’s ready with the cost and to arrange delivery at a convenient time and to a specific drop off location at your house.

It is now possible to make payment over the phone.

OR you will be asked to leave either a cheque, (payable to the Chalke Valley Stores), or cash, in an envelope for the delivery driver to collect.

Those not living in the Chalke Valley are asked to place a minimum order of £25 please to take account of the extra distances and time involved. Thank you for your understanding.

Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this service.  Our core value here at the HUB has always been that, as a community project, our purpose is to serve you at all times both good and bad.


This has been in short supply in many supermarkets but I am pleased to say that thanks to a local team effort the HUB has kept up with demand. Wheat has been donated from the Syke’s farm in Alvediston which has then been milled at Alderholt Mill, an old contact of Tony’s. As a result thirty six kilos of flour were sold in the HUB in one day.