Newsletter – March 2020

Despite some of the dreary, wet and windy weather of late, Tony and his team at the HUB, continue to provide a warm and welcoming refuge and so we look forward to being of service to our existing and loyal customers and of course to those visiting us for the first time.
Unfortunately due to a technical hitch, our February newsletter did not get published in the Broadsheet so some of what follows is a repetition and a little overdue. The current newsletter is of course, always available on our website under news.

Firstly, to Simon Hiscox from Prescombe Farm for so kindly donating the 2019 Christmas tree. This has become something of an annual gift but one we do not take for granted, so a special thanks to Simon for continuing to support us in this way.
And also to Andy Wilson who so kindly erected the tree and decorated it for us, and then took it all down again! Thank you Andy, your help was very much appreciated.

The coffee shop has long held a reputation for supplying delicious home-made soups to our customers.  This is largely thanks to Jenny Truluck, who has overseen home-made soup production for many years as well as so much more in the overall development of the coffee shop since it first opened.  Jenny is stepping aside, we hope temporarily, to support her husband, Ashley, who will shortly take over as High Sheriff of Wiltshire. We thank her most sincerely for her contribution over the years but of course hope to see plenty of her in the HUB when she is not involved in her new commitments.

As proof of this we have recently been presented with an award certificate by the Christchurch Cycling Club recognising the HUB for the second year running, as “the best lunch stop in 2019”, an accolade we are extremely proud of.

We think we have at last found the ideal supplier for the HUB and so we are pleased to announce that a contract has been agreed with Bestway (Wholesale). Bestway is the UK’s largest independent supplier to retailers such as ourselves.  In addition to Bestway’s own brand products, being independent, they have no restriction in supplying an almost limitless amount of other brands. We feel confident that this is going to prove a positive development for our customers who will start to notice a much wider choice of products than we have been able to offer before.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and to make our own contribution to the environment, we will in March, become an Eco Refill Station.  This will mean that customers will be able to refill Eco products using existing containers or ones of their own choosing.  To start with, products able to be refilled at the HUB shop will include materials such as washing powder, liquids and other items from the Eco cleaning range. Similar initiatives are being rolled out in many forms throughout the country and we are very pleased to be participating. albeit in a small way to start with.  Tony is already looking to include a much wider range of new products in future.