Work on the kitchen refurbishment is due to start shortly which will mean a few days disruption to the coffee shop and Chapel. Please note therefore that the coffee shop will be closed from Friday 22 February and will open again on Monday 4th March.This will enable the old kitchen to be taken out and electrical and plumbing services to be altered. A new anti-slip flooring will then be installed and the new kitchen fitted. This will include new stainless surfaces and storage, new refrigeration, a hot cupboard food area and an improved overall layout. These improvements will help our hard-working volunteers and staff to better serve the growing number of Coffee Shop customers from the tiny kitchen. It is an old building so fingers crossed we don’t find any horrors that will delay the work!As well as the new kitchen, the opportunity is being taken to carry out some work in the coffee shop and chapel to improve the heating. During cold and windy weather, the large open roof area can give rise to some down drafts. It is important that the ceiling and roof void remain intact as they are a feature ofthe building. The next stage of this will be to stop drafts coming through from the open balcony in first floor archive/office area by using see through panelling to cover the existing balustrade whilst maintaining the open plan above it.

During the improvement works the shop will be open as normal, although parking is going to be restricted to enable access for contractor materials.

The cost of the improvements is being funded partly from the proceeds of the recent share issue and partly from the HUB’s financial reserve, with the help of a generous contribution from local URC funds.

Volunteers retiring.
We have three volunteers who have recently retired from working in the HUB. May,Jean and Roy have been working with us continuously since we first opened in 2013. This is a wonderful example of dedication to the local community and we are all so grateful to them for their loyal service over the past five years. Thank you May,Jean and Roy.
Major cycling event.
On Saturday 12th January the Audax Bristol Cycling Club arranged an event called the Chalke and Cheese ride which required all 120 participants to call in at the HUB as one of their staging posts along their route. Whilst there each cyclist had to spend some money and retain a receipt as proof that they had checked in. Apparently the event was so popular that it has been suggested by one participant on Facebook that other cycling events should be organised specifically to include a stop at the HUB. It was a busy day and the volunteers did brilliantly in dealing with such large numbers of people on one day.
Charity Boxes.
Recently a count was completed of the coins put in to the various charity boxes in the shop. Lifeboats, the Poppy Appeal, Stars Appeal, Salisbury Hospice and Air Ambulance have all benefited from a share of the nearly £650 that our customers have so generously donated.Thank you all!
Valentine’s Day.
There will be a variety of suitable cards on sale in the shop in good time for this annual show of affection.
Share applications.
We are delighted with the response and to date we now have 28 new local shareholders. The opportunity to subscribe for shares is still open. If you would like to buy some shares please contact Terry Jolly at or pick up an application form in the HUB.

A note for your diaries The Annual Members’ meeting will be held in the Broadchalke Village Hall on Thursday 21st March starting at 7.30pm. A formal notice will be issued nearer the time