Live in each season as it passes: breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit”. (H D Thoreau)

This month we have two news items about skincare.
Firstly, introducing a new supplier to the HUB namely;

Chalke Valley Skincare. –
Based in Broad Chalke, Jennifer Catlin hand makes nourishing skincare products for adult and infants using only natural ingredients with no artificial additives, preservatives, scents. Only organic ingredients are used whenever possible.
The products Jennifer makes have been designed to provide reparative, anti-inflammatory anti-oxidative support and they can be used on all skin types. Jennifer will be showcasing her products at the HUB on 10th July so do pop in if you can and see for yourself what she has to offer.

Secondly; My Trusty Skincare –  which we stock and have featured before but do so again because its Body Butter, made by the NHS Salisbury District Hospital, has been named as the No.1 Body Butter when compared against well known brands such as Clinque, ESPA, The Body Shop and Omaorovic to name but a few. The most expensive Body Butter was a huge £62, the HUB sells My Trusty Body Butter at £9 for a 200m bottle so not only is it officially the best but also by far the cheapest! There is an opportunity to learn more about the science behind this innovative NHS formula when the Sunflower Skincare Team will be at the HUB on Monday 23rd July between 9.15 and 12.15 when there will be free samples for our customers to take away and try for themselves.

This is now available in both the Shop and Coffee Shop up to a maximum of £30. It has taken a while to have the technology installed but it is now up and running and already being used.  We have even had our first contactless payment using a mobile phone app so we are now firmly established in the 21st century. Well done Ellen for persevering with this particularly as introducing technology of this kind is never straightforward.

Since introducing Gin, Whisky and Vodka to our range we are pleased to report that the bottles are “flying off the shelves”!

By the time this newsletter goes to press the History Festival will be over for another year but as it is being written it won’t have actually started! However, the HUB will again have played a part in supporting the Festival by supplying many of the stall holders with milk and a daily service of croissants to the campsite.

Run by Lou Stuart this well-established group meets once a month in Broad Chalke and “turns a walk into a workout”. After each walk they meet for a debrief and refreshments in the HUB. Nordic Walking is easy to learn and as well as good exercise, its sociable and fun.  If you would like more information ring Lou Stuart on 07557952682 or email her at  You can also book online at

Special recognition this month to May Glover who is “retiring” from working at the HUB having been a regular volunteer ever since the HUB first opened five years ago. This is a wonderful example of an exceptional contribution to the community and we thank her for her loyal service and dedication.  We are delighted that new volunteers continue to step forward which is most welcome as the HUB could not operate without the many people who make themselves available to help.  Everyone who does volunteer says how much they enjoy it so if you’re interested please doesn’t hesitate to contact Ellen or visit the website for more details.

A perfect afternoon stopover (The Tadworth Fat Boys Cycle Club)
“The pea and mint soup was exceptional”
“Fantastic place, warm welcome and great cake”