Looking ahead two important events that take place at this time of year:

Firstly, Mothering Sunday on March 11th, an opportunity to recognise and give thanks for the special role that mothers play in the heart of a family.  Of course it’s not all about presents but a little gesture is a way of showing appreciation for all the many kindnesses and love that mothers give to their children. With that in mind the HUB will be stocking extra flowers which come from our regular supplier Pod and Pip.  These can be ordered in advance or while stocks last, can also be bought over the counter in the shop. Also our range of greetings cards will include a selection suitable for the occasion and of course there are plenty of other gifts that would be appreciated by any hard-working Mum.

Secondly, Easter Sunday on 1st April, not to be confused this year with April Fool Day! First and foremost Easter Sunday is an important day in the Church’s calendar and over the centuries the egg has become a symbol of new life which for many, is why it has it is so much part of the Easter celebration. Not surprisingly there will be a good choice of Easter Chocolate available in the shop provided by New Forest Chocolates, another regular supplier to the HUB plus some beautifully designed cards.

A quick reminder about the fresh fish we source from SeaFresh in Cornwall.  Our regular supply of fresh fish is delivered every Thursday and special orders including lobsters, can be taken up until lunchtime on Tuesdays.  Our regular stock consists of a fish pie mix plus (depending on the catch), haddock, plaice, lemon sole and sea bass, all vacuum packed. We hear much about how good fish is in our diet these days and it is interesting to see how popular it has become with our customers not just for health reasons but also for its delicious taste!

Environmental Health Check. From time to time we are paid an unscheduled visit by the Wiltshire Council Environmental Health Officer. Their purpose is to inspect, amongst other things, hygiene standards, food storage facilities, lighting and pest control.  After the inspection each establishment is given an overall rating from one to five. Congratulations to Ellen and her team for achieving a five – ie top marks!

A new website. By the time you read this newsletter we will have launched our new website which has been completely re-designed and modernised. There are lot of new photographs so you might even recognise yourself in one of them! The address is the same as before but as a reminder it is:


We are most grateful to Lindsey Burden of LBB Business Solutions (www.brownburden.com) and her colleague Liz, for all their hard work and the advice they have given us in the development of the new website.

The HUB was closed for a funeral in the United Reform Church on Monday 12th March.  Perhaps this is a timely reminder that we are occupying a place of worship and that it is still used regularly for religious services.  Being closed for one day is a small price to pay for the excellent cooperation we enjoy with the URC in having jointly created a community facility. Thank you to all our customers for their understanding.

A couple of dates to note please:

The coffee shop will closed from about midday on Friday 2nd March when there will be a service in the church celebrating the World Day of Prayer starting at 3.00pm to which everyone is invited to attend.

The Members AGM will be held on Wednesday 7th March at 7.30pm in the Coffee Shop in the HUB.

Quote from the visitors book

“So good to see our chapel so full of life”